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Doctors’ Careers in Australia: Why work as a doctor in Australia?

  • 22 Feb 2021

Do you know why many overseas trained doctors are working in Australia? Australia is known as the second-highest paying country for doctors. Not only this, working as a doctor here brings you many other perks as well. This article, gives you an insight into all the benefits you can get while working as a doctor in Australia.

Why should you choose to work as a doctor in Australia?

  • High job availability

Either you’re looking for locum doctor jobs in Australia or a permanent healthcare practitioner job, you have many options available. The job opportunities for international medical graduates in Australia are growing. Thus, you have higher chances of being selected to work as a doctor here.

  • High paying jobs

General practitioners, as well as specialists, earn extremely well in Australia. As per medical recruitment agencies, GPs in Australia make around AUD$ 240 000 up to AUD$ 380 000. This is a combination of salary, allowances, and bonuses. When the pay for extra hours is added, this can increase to about AUD$ 400,000. Specialists can expect to make about AUD$ 320,000 and higher, depending on private practice and specialist procedures.

  • High Quality living standards

Australia offers high living standards in terms of the health system, living locations, and healthcare system. While staying here, you won’t have to compromise on your life quality. It’s a major reason compelling more and more overseas doctors to work in Australia.

You, belonging to a respected profession, are a valuable asset to society. The community here values as well as gives you the importance you deserve. You and your family can enjoy top-class education and detailed public and private medical health facilities.

  • Job satisfaction

Serving humanity gives the utmost satisfaction to doctors. At present, Australia needs more specialists, GPs, and locum doctors for rural and remote areas. Because, residents of such areas don’t have access to health and medical services.

So, you’ll have more chances to help people, that will help you to achieve higher job contentment.

  • Opportunities to grow and learn more

Australia provides many opportunities to its doctors to grow and learn more. This helps to learn innovative things and build new skills. These skills and learning processes may open doors to many more job opportunities for you.

  • Job security

You are made completely comfortable in your job environment. The staff and the government make sure that you feel that your job is secured. For this, you’ll find the workplace staff extremely friendly and supportive. If you choose to work in the public system, the government offers you many facilities.

You can enjoy up to 5 weeks’ holidays per year. Moreover, you’ll get 10 paid sick days per year. Your employment agreement and workplace laws also ensure that you have a reliable job as a doctor in Australia.

How to find the best doctors’ jobs in Australia?

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