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Facilitating Aged Care and Home Care

  • 07 Jun 2022

Australia is facing an acute shortage of skilled aged care workers, and numerous projections have been made based on conservative assumptions that about a million direct age care workers will be required in the next 30 years. The impact from this is beyond comprehension.

The direct aged care workers include nurses, allied health-staff, home care and personal care assistants. Statistical projections may not always turn into reality and as the time passes by the situation may prove even dire than projected.

Here are some of the many articles written by Australia’s leading media publications on the issue.

"Aged care facing impending shortage of 110,000 workers, report finds"
*Ref.: The Guardian (https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/aug/10/aged-care-facing-impending-shortage-of-110000-workers-report-finds)

"The aged care sector will need 1 million extra workers by 2050, which is a quadrupling of the current workforce"
*Ref.: ABC News (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-26/aged-care-industry-skills-shortage/100026090)

Connect Personnel Medical (CPM) is setting forth to help mitigate the skilled aged care resource shortage and expanding it’s health care and aged care sector service.

CPM is undertaking a new project of aged care and home care resource provisioning for Aged care and Home care facilities Australia wide with an emphasis on regional Australia and work to fill the growing void in regional communities. This will support local communities by bringing in trained health care workers adding value to those communities, giving an economic boost and importantly adding cultural diversity to regional populations.

CPM is committed to growing an aged care and home care worker community that are supported and nurtured in their roles and are included in the CPM family, ensuring full support, continued pastoral care, and that they feel part of the community and develop a sense of belonging. CPM encourages our people to undertake additional studies and development programs and wherever possible, to secure a better life for themselves and their family here in Australia.